Not only do these principles change the look of your presentation, they actually help you make choices that make designing a whole lot easier.

If any of these feedbacks may apply also on your presentations, I am sure watching the video will make a difference for you. (Even if you don’t use digital slides but flipcharts, some of them apply!)

  • Too much variety in your fonts looks messy
  • Many different styles in visuals looks messy and unattractive
  • Inconsistent use of color messes up meaning and relations
  • Unreadable content makes people tired and look away
  • Unclear content does not convince your audience
  • Inconsistency in applying design choices confuses your audience
  • Too many layers of information on a slide overwhelms

In the video I speak about the impact of these feedbacks and I offer 7 principles professional designers use when designing presentations so these impacts are no longer a concern.

None of these principles are difficult to apply so you can implement them right away!

You may be surprised how easy it actually is to increase the professional look of your presentation.


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8 Facets of Brilliant Digital Presentations

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