Joint Vision of the Future Leaders of the Western Balkans,
created during the Jumbo Meeting of the WeLead Project,
designed, organized and executed by CEF, Ljubljana, Slovenia on July 5h, 2023.
In collaboration with facilitator Petra Založnik.


Hi, I am Mireille van Bremen. I am a dutch national and since 2006 I live in Slovenia, from where I collaborate with clients all over the world. I particularly engage in events in the Western Balkans and the Southern part of Central Europe and work in English, Dutch, Slovene and with a translator in other languages.

I value transparency, fairness, peace and wellbeing, and I believe peaceful relationships are the result of how capable we are in listening and valuing each other’s contribution in co-creating the future. This why I create, design and offer products and programs that help us develop and use our visual and emotional intelligence to promote these values. 

My education and years of experience in the fields of graphic design, illustration, visual facilitation, training, graphic recording, and Nonviolent Communication based coaching, training, and conflict resolution, form the basis of my work and collaborations.

As a Visual Mediator & Graphic Recorder, I work at conferences, seminars, workshops, in mediation sessions and in training settings, to help navigate complexity and (inner) conflict, so you can confidently (co-)create a peaceful path forward, within your relationships, community, business, team, department, organization.



Every (potential) assignment starts with a conversation with my client, to ensure I really get the picture of what the visual should convey.

In order to grasp the essence and see the bigger picture, I always start off with a conversation. I want to really understand what is needed and wanted, what the purpose of the work is and what motivates you to request a visualization.

Preferably I also involve my clients in the creation process because you are the content expert, I am the visual expert and together we co-create the best possible result.


The creative process is like a silent empathic conversation between my client, speakers, authors, the audience and my markers and heart.

For as long as I am sketching, drawing, designing, or creating a graphic recording, I do not stop empathising with all the stake holders involved. I must attune myself in order to create a meaningful visual that considers everyone’s perspective, background and needs.

Just like a mediator mediates between different parties.




I typically create graphic recordings during …

  • conferences
  • workshops
  • seminars
  • webinars
  • lectures
  • trainings
  • joint vision sessions
  • strategic planning sessions
  • brainstorm sessions
  • World Cafe session
  • Open Space session
  • Mediation session

Depending on the purpose of the work, I believe that graphic recording during a live virtual can happen both visibly as invisible for the audience. Having the graphic recorder present in the background, harvesting the pieces that are used in a series of visuals or combined in one overview serves a higher purpose and offers a chance to increase value, output and stimulates conversations, engagement and connection.

Large sheets of paper, markers, a graphic wall and technical visual skills are the basic tools for graphic recording. A seasoned graphic recorder though, is fluently ‘speaks’ visual language so they can translate and capture what they hear into a meaningful and relevant summary. They also have high (empathic) listening skills and is able to both see the bigger picture as the essential details.

The dimensions range from approximately 1 by 1 meter up to lengthy walls. Most of them are 2-2,5 meters per piece, but larger ones can stretch for multiple day events. I work in English, Dutch and Slovene, but collaborate with translators for all other languages.

CEF > WeLead Jumbo meeting 2023 > Joint Vision of the Future Leadership of the Western Balkans > Made in Slovenia

    CEF > FISR2 > Empowering Coordinators for Reform Agenda Implementation in the Western Balkans > Made in Slovenia

      Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs > VIENNA +25 World Conference of Human Rights > Made in Austria

        ReSPA > Annual Conference Innovation in Public Administration > Made in Montenegro

          Veronique Prins > Kick Ass Business Coaching Challenge > Online Event

            Danielle Riemersma > Masterclass > Online Event

              VISUAL SUMMARY

              I typically create visual summaries from …

              • joint visions
              • strategic directions
              • brand visions
              • scientific reports
              • master thesis
              • conferences & summits
              • webinars
              • lectures
              • trainings

              Visual summaries and infographics are excellent conversation starters with your (potential) clients. They can help explain complex information, contain multiple visuals and various amounts of text, which is why they are also functional to guide difficult conversations.

              The content is either based on the summary of my listening to my client’s words, webinars, keynote speakers, lectures, audio recordings, etc., or it is based on text documents from which I retrieve the essential elements and come up with a concept and visual proposal.

              Often visual summaries are created in A3 format. I employ my graphic design and visual communication skills as well as my empathic listening skills to reduce the complexity to the essence of the message.

              To ensure what we create is serving, relevant and meaningful, we closely collaborate on selecting the final content and concept.

              Organizations already working with me

              Are you thinking of hiring me as your graphic recorder?

              Client experiences

              Veronique Prins

              business coach, The Netherlands


              I am known as a ‘chatterbox’; I talk fast, I talk a lot, and am passionate about sharing as much knowledge as possible. Because it is ‘lots’ and ‘fast’, not everyone can keep up. I like visualising my examples too, but they remain mere words, and are never as powerful as images.

              Therefore Mireille made a graphic recording of a 4-day summit that I organized. After every hour of training, Mireille published its visual representation.

              This way, two things happened. Now participants could see in addition to hearing my words, suddenly some extra pennies dropped; often making them understand even better what the training had been about. Because Mireille made it visual, participants could not only understand the training better, they also remembered more.

              It made an already powerful training even more valuable for my participants, during but also after our meeting.

              François Beausoleil

              Certified Nonviolent Communication trainer, coach

              GRAPHIC DESIGN

              ”All through the process of working with Mireille on several projects I have been impressed and delighted by what she brought in terms of skills at the level of content, very high reliability, ease of working together, creativity and empathic presence.

              Daniëlle Riemersma

              business coach


              “Before I started using Mireille’s graphic recording service, I had a hard time translating my offer into a visual image. I wasn’t sure if I delivered enough results in my webinar and after seeing the images of Mireille, I felt in every fiber of me, that my webinar was super valuable. After that I used the images in my marketing, which made it much easier for me to receive sign ups for my webinar.

              I recommend Mireille, because she makes a very professional visual report of the webinar. The content of the webinar is clear at a glance and the results are made visual. The material is also of a very high level and you can use directly in your marketing. Mireille is also a very nice personality to work with. Besides she also advises you how to apply the content created and comes with surprising approaches and possibilities.

              I can definitely say this helped me to easier get more clients and that it is an important part of the development of my company’s to make my materials visual as well. Now everything comes together and I can communicate much better and convince people of my message.”


              In which languages do you do this kind of work?
              • Dutch: native proficiency
              • English: full proficiency
              • Slovene: sufficient proficiency
              • German: basic proficiency
              • Other languages: basic documents Dutch, English or Slovene, following documents from translations into other languages.

              Do you work internationally?

              Absolutely! I love travelling to your venue and I also enjoy working online.

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              In my view peaceful relationships are the result of how capable we are in listening, valuing each other's contribution in co-creating the future.
              This why I create, design and offer products and programs that help us develop and use our visual and emotional intelligence. 

              The Visual Mediator

              Mireille Annette van Bremen s.p.
              Žlebej 1a
              8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia
              VAT ID: SI10975748


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