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Are you afraid to overstimulate the auditory senses of you audience?

Overwhelm is the unfortunate effect of no or little visual facilitation in webinars and online meetings, workshops, trainings and conferences.

And when that happens, your audience …

• can’t stay present and can’t concentrate,

• doesn’t value your program as much,

or worse,

people don’t sign up anymore or don’t return.

But if you know how to be visually inclusive …

You can lead the whole group to any goal …

… and increase their satisfaction.

Understand how to close the gap with the visual learners and thinkers


With downloadable facilitator tools!

Visual Strategy Preparation Tool

To help you find out during the preparation of your session which visual strategies work for your audience.

Visual Strategy Reflection Tool

To help you reflect on your session and identify the visual strategies you would modify or choose in your next session.


€37,- €17,-

VAT 0% for company registrations
VAT exemption for private registrations

This self-paced online program …

  • Helps you understand the STRUGGLES OF VISUAL THINKERS and visual learners.

  • Shows you the KEYS TO CONNECT with them.


The mini-course includes an assessment for you to understand if you are a visual-spacial learner themselves. This helps give a sense of how much of a gap you have/need to cover with your audience. Gaining understanding of this also increases your awareness for different approaches to learning/collaborating/participating.


As a result you increase the impact of your communication, and …

  • increase the impact of the communication with your audience

  • become more inclusive to visual thinkers

  • adapt your facilitation style to stimulate engagement

  • implement useful facilitation tools

  • see new possibilities the way you use inclusive language


€37,- €17,-

VAT 0% for company registrations
VAT exemption for private registrations