Do you also believe our peaceful future emerges from the vision we have of it today?

Mireille van Bremen

Visual Empathy Trainer & Coach
Visual Mediator & Graphic Recorder

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Joint Vision of the Future Leaders of the Western Balkans,
created during the Jumbo Meeting of the WeLead Project,
designed, organized and executed by CEF, Ljubljana, Slovenia on July 5h, 2023.
In collaboration with Appreciative Inquiry facilitator Petra Založnik.

Organizations already working with me

Does everyone in your oganization or project have the same picture of the future you are working towards?

Visualizations of conflict resolutions, strategic directions and joint visions,
are in a way all outcomes of mediations between the all involved stakeholders.

They help everyone see and understand the meaning, possibilities and impact of what has been addressed.
These visualizations also become a visual reminder of what has been agreed and of the clear direction the project, team, department or organization continues to move forward.

What can your organization do to get all noses in the same direction?

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Visually empower the communication strategies in and of your organization with strategic directions, joint visions, visual summaries or graphic recording.

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Empower your staff with professional visual communication, presentation & facilitations skills so they can present and facilitate visually and effectively.


Open Visual Empathy Courses for professionals to develop visual empathy, communication, presentation & facilitation skills.

My shortest definition of visual empathy is
“a visually attuned expression or response, expressed with the intention to deepen our understanding and create connection.”

Who is The Visual Mediator?


Anyone is worthy of a fulfilling life and peaceful relationships. That’s why I love to empower and inspire trainers and coaches by helping them develop and use their visual and emotional intelligence to promote wellbeing, human rights and peace.

I work at conferences, seminars, workshops, in mediation sessions and in training settings in the roles of Graphic Recorder, Visual Mediator and Visual Empathy Trainer & Coach.


“Our visual voice matters because the visual empathy we express with it, leads to shared understanding and helps us attune to the audience we communicate with.”

Valuing Empathy

I believe we experience more harmony in our communication and have more synergy in collaborations when we get on the same page with ease. Empathic communication is incredibly powerful in creating connection and emotional wellbeing. It helps us establish and maintain trust in our relationships and learning experiences. 

Visual Voice, Expression & Inclusion

The element that is frequently missing in our communication, is the expression of our visual voice. Most people who could have taught us in the past, how to express ourselves visually, didn’t have the skills themselves. The systemic construct of many parts of our society uses communication and educational approaches which generally don’t stimulate empathy and visual expression in our communication, and/or are hardly visually inclusive in our working and learning environments.

Visual Empathy

My years of experience in the field of visual communication as a design department leader stimulated me to learn and integrate empathy in my work. Since 2012 I have been intensively trained in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and NVC based mediation and conflict coaching. In my Visual Empathy Courses I bring these two fields together because I experience how much empathy helps us understand and visually attune to the audience we communicate with. Because visual expression also increases the efficacy of training and development activities, both the relevance as the impact of learning experiences and collaboration increase.

To articulate the essential skill participants develop through my courses, I came up with the term ‘Visual Empathy’. I define it as ‘the visually attuned expression of our understanding, expressed with the intention to create connection with ourselves and others’.

In my work as a Visual Mediator, visual empathy is the main skill I use to create visualizations that show various perspectives and/or represent a shared reality or common vision.

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I value transparency, wellbeing and peace, and I believe peaceful relationships are the result of how capable we are in listening and seeing each other. That's why I create, design and offer products and programs that help us develop and use our visual and emotional intelligence to promote these values.

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The Visual Mediator

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