Joint Vision of the Future Leaders of the Western Balkans,
created during the Jumbo Meeting of the WeLead Project,
designed, organized and executed by CEF, Ljubljana, Slovenia on July 5h, 2023.
In collaboration with Appreciative Inquiry facilitator Petra Založnik.

7 factors that keep the visual mediator going.

‘On September 22nd’, I said to my accountant, ‘it’s the 7th Anniversary of The Visual Mediator’.
‘Congratulations!’, he replied and followed to tell me that after the 1st year of new self-employment registrations in Slovenia, 30% quits.
Within the first 3 years, 50% quits.

This made me wonder which factors affected the fact that after 7 years, my current company, Mireille Annette van Bremen s.p., is still registered. I’ve changed the name of my brand three times (from Empathic Pathway > The Visual Catalyst > The Visual Mediator) and have been on the verge of quitting so many times. So many times.


So, what is it that I didn’t quit? Though I think there are more factors playing in, on the occasion of the 7th Anniversary, I’m sharing 7 of them with you:

I have a strong determination to create my own path in life, which may not be easier as an entrepreneur, but is definitely more authentic and fulfilling to me. I have the power to choose to show up where my skill set can make a contribution to the co-creation of a future, I believe in.

I find an incredible sense of freedom and power in my conviction
that the highest contribution I can make in this world, is not through one single profession. I live my purpose and make the most meaningful contribution by using a combination of skills, of all my professions, depending on what my clients, participants and customers need.

Whenever I feel fearful of the future, I look back at my past to find a track record of behaviour, actions and mindset, that helped me through similar challenges. Some track records go back to childhood. I turn the golden nuggets into resources, such as knowledge, power, motivation, confidence, courage and trust.

I have family and friends, a coach and business buddies, who listen to me when I believe I hit rock bottom. Somehow, they always help me see myself in a larger capacity and with more strength, than I could tap into by myself in such moments.

Though scared at times, to get through emotionally or financially rough, unpredictable times, I trust my resourcefulness, including daring to ask for support from family and friends.

Employment is simply not an option for me at this point in my life. For a long list of reasons.

My innate urge to follow my intuition and to explore, discover, play, learn, create, inspire and get inspired, is a source of power that keeps me going.
I feel grateful to each of you, who’s crossed my path and walks parts of it together with me. The gift of your presence, of your feedback, support, friendship, love, empathy, compassion, and so much more, enriches me and lets me know in one way or another, my presence matters.


To illustrate the evolution of my work, I’m sharing the a 60 second capture of the Joint Vision of the Future Leader of the Western Balkans, which I was visualizing back in July.

Much love,


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